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Open-source publication / blogging engine
For freedom loving groups and individuals

Crowdsourced news
simple yet powerful

The Zaplog social news engine  

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Censorship resistent publishing

Broken links are automatically resolved and content is always archived at

Simple collaboration

Publish concepts in the activity-stream that others can review. Vote, react, tag and share.

Copyright infringment protection

Never infringe upon copyright laws with a smart technical solution for images and embeds.

Automatic translation

Copy-pasted texts or syndicated content can be translated automatically.

User channels

Users have their own channels were they publish and tag their articles. A Zaplog does not store *any* private data.

Automatic frontpage

The system automatically publishes the most popular articles on its frontpage. Either by algorithm or by redaction.

Flexible article editor

Industry standard article formatting with a smart Markdown editor .

Powerful search engine

Always find the article you're looking for. If needed with boolean, channel and tag operators.

The network of Zaplogs

Automatic syndication and translation of content and interactions to other Zaplog installations.


Install on your domain and server
Free (as in beer)

Use our highly optimized Docker container  


  1. Configuration

    This is not a CMS, but you can set your own logo, slogan, language, timezone etc.

  2. Server requirements

    A Zaplog has an extremely small footprint. You don't need expensive hosting.

  3. Performance

    The Docker installation is highly optimized with locking-free datamodel, multi-level caching etc.

  4. Container or classic stack

    Whatever suits your needs.


Open-source development

You can help us make this software even better  

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  • MySQL/MariaDB datamodel
  • PHP 7.3 strict codebase
  • SLIM 3.x framework (needs upgrade)
  • Simple yet beautiful
Work on the API
The Node.js front-end
  • Plain Node.js
  • No framework, no endless abstractions
  • Works server-side and client-side
  • Simple yet beautiful
Work on the Front-end
Our CI/CD pipeline
  • NGINX reverse proxy + caching
  • Deploy as Docker containers
  • Gitlab pipelines and scripts
  • Simple yet beautiful
Work on the infrastructure